mpl-repaint1Marlborough Plastering is Marlborough’s premier exterior plastering and building maintenance company. As fully licensed operators, we offer a range of plaster cladding and waterproofing systems, as well as cladding maintenance, repaints and repairs.


Marlborough plastering provides a range of waterproofing and sealing systems, and is a certified applicator of the Equus Dexx Membrane Waterproofing System.

  • Roofs
  • Decking systems
  • Planter boxes
  • Wet areas
  • Tanking

Exterior Plastering and Cladding Systems

6Our expert team provides a range of high quality traditional and modern plastering systems

  • Commercial and residential buildings
  • Fences
  • Feature walls

As a licensed Specialized applicator, Marlborough Plastering provides a range of innovative solutions made for New Zealand conditions

  • Masonry systems
  • Lightweight concrete cladding systems
  • Exterior insulation and finishing systems
  • Polystyrene systems
  • Lightweight brick veneer replacement system

Cladding Maintenance Repairs and Repaints

Regularly maintaining the cladding on your home, helps spread your maintenance costs, improves longevity and helps retain the value of your home. We recommend keeping the bottom edges of your cladding free of dirt and garden vegetation, washing regularly with low pressure water and brush. Cracked plaster, deteriorating paint and leaking windows and junctions should be dealt with quickly to prevent further damage.

  • Preventative maintenance
  • Waterblasting
  • Crack repairs
  • Weather proofing
  • Repaints

Water Blasting and Gutter Cleaning

High and low pressure water blasting for commercial and residential buildings.

  • Remove cobwebs, grime and moss from roofs, decks, fences, pathways, drives, walls, tilt slabs and swimming pools
  • Pre-paint and pre-sale cleaning
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Safe and practical gutter and roof cleaning solutions for buildings of most heights and sizes.

  • Safely and easily remove built up dirt, mud and plant matter from gutters, roofs, air conditioning vents, signage and more
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